NEW SERIES: Biblical Paleoarcheology

Our newest blog series began in October 2020. Make sure you subscribe to get weekly reminders. Bible dictionaries and commentaries do not deal with chronology before 2000 BC. Most of us avoid meaningful historical discussions about the time before Abraham. Many good conservative books and articles have been published lately and we want to introduce them to you. New information is changing old misconceptions. The beginning of civilization is both fascinating and important for the believer and the non-believer. The Bible and archeology complement each other by correcting mistakes and filling in details. Join us in the adventure of discovering the last frontier of history.

Get the Big Picture

How can the actions of one man resolve the problems of everyone else? That's quite a story! If you haven't heard it in a while, take a few minutes for a quick refresher. It will make your day... and perhaps your eternity.

Finding Your Place in the Universe

Do you think about the big questions of life as much as you worry about the little ones?

  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • How should I live?
  • Where am I going?

Here are some simple, basic facts from science and history that everyone should know and consider as they try to answer these questions for themselves.


Discover the Truth about Ancient History

Accurately understanding life and politics that transpired thousands of years ago is crucial to your life today. The way we interpret the past determines the decisions we make for our future. This original integral approach to ancient history, that respects Jewish historical writings, will certainly make you think. History before the Greeks and Romans is obscure and neglected by the average person. New discoveries are bringing it to life. Let's put it all together, as we dig down layer by layer. Starting with the Neo-Babylonian period, these blogs will dig down into the past like an archaeologist who uncovers one stratum at a time, working down to the oldest layers.

The Art and Science of Being Sheep

Americans are pragmatic. They are good when it's convenient. Watch the latest shows and you're discover, almost all the time, that it's acceptable to take revenge on the bad guy when he deserves it, even if the law doesn't agree. We are developing a revenge mentality in our culture. This section will eventually investigate ethics, especially the historical "turn the other cheek" morality. It is currently under development.



Prayer is the most common practice for those who believe in God. It's a way of life for those of us who want to be connected with the One we consider to be the source of our strength. In this section, I share insights from my life and others'.

  • Lessons such as Blackaby's Experiencing God
  • Thoughts about prayer life
  • Video testimonies from friends
  • Recommended books


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