Escaping Materialism

Jerry thinks and Pat prays


I'm the thinker, the researcher. I need to know who I am, where I'm going, and how the universe works. Show me the big picture. Show me God. I'm not content until I have the answers.


I love to hear testimonies of how God has worked in people's lives. I look to see where God is working around me and join Him by praying for others and expecting change.

For God...

Are you questioning if God exists?

Which God? Is there a God? Is God good? Today, we can't take faith in God for granted. The New Atheism militantly denies the existence of a Creator and villainizes religion.

... so loved the world...

Is the Bible myth or historically accurate? The thirty-nine books of the Old Testament recount God's interactions with the most important nations of the world through his people. The Old Testament is therefore foundational to the New Testament. Biblical archeology helps us believe the context of the Bible, while the events reveal God's nature. Confidence in the stories leads us to read through the Bible in a year.

... that He gave his only begotten Son...

Was Jesus just a man or the Creator of the universe born in a human body? The world is divided over who Jesus is. It's not enough to be monotheistic. Jesus is God up close. He challenges us to live above and beyond what is natural. Learn to tell the stories of the Gospel.

... that whosoever believeth on him should ... have everlasting life.

Many Americans have believed in Jesus and are even busy in ministry without really experiencing God. Doing things to help God out doesn't necessarily mean we're in a close relationship with God. Bible reading, prayer, fellowship, etc., are the tools that help. Learn how to make a conscious effort to walk with God every day.