From Near Disaster to Everlasting Love

58 Years of Marriage

Pat knew Bud and Linda back in the late 60's. They stayed friends over the years and agreed to share a glimpse of their lives in this video.

When they first met, Pat and her husband were new Christians in a new church, and several people came alongside them to mentor them. Bud and Linda were among those who helped them get started in the Christian life. They were still young themselves, and their marriage had nearly ended in divorce. Here they explain the problems that brought them to a stalemate, and the way they cheated divorce and stayed married so long.

As they grew in wisdom, Bud and Linda have helped many other couples in marriage. They wrote a book together entitled,  "Over the Hills and through the Valleys; Best Friends in Marriage", which is available on Amazon or through Barnes and Nobles.

One thought on “From Near Disaster to Everlasting Love

  1. Always loving each other and others wherever they go! Bud & Linda shine with honesty & the love of God shed broadly in their heart! A neat family!

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