Aliens in Galilee

Last Thursday, Pat and I went to see the exclusive showing of the new movie “Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception”. It was distributed through Fathom Events as a one-time presentation in a few theatres across the country, only at 7pm on January 11th. The limited screening is not because the subject isn’t important but rather because people DON’T KNOW that it’s important. Of course, a DVD will be released later, and information is available at Since most readers didn’t see the movie, I won’t worry about giving a spoiler alert. Here’s a synopsis.


The movie is based on a Amazon top-50 best-selling book. Its author, Gary Bates, approached Creation Ministries International about making the movie, and they eventually enlisted others like Joe Jordan, who is a field director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, in South Korea. This is the first initiative of its kind, but the idea is not new. I still have a copy of Clifford Wilson’s 1978 book in my library: “Close Encounters: a Better Explanation”.


Most of the movie is a documentary on UFO sightings. Up to 20 million Americans claim to have seen a UFO and 4 million claim to have been abducted by aliens. That’s significant enough to ask, “What’s going on?”. Many dismiss the claims, while a growing number of people believe in alien life. Not many, even Christians, have the foggiest idea what may really be going on. The movie “Alien Intrusion” is telling people, “We believe you. We believe you experienced something that was real. It just wasn’t what you thought it was.”


Joe Jordan steps in toward the end of the film to contribute his insight from having interview hundreds (if I’m not mistaken) of abductees. The results led him to become a born-again Christian, rather than a Christian in name only. He’s now convinced that abductees are having a demonic encounter that they are conditioned to accept as being aliens from another planet. Several people gave live testimonies of how they finally commanded the aliens to leave them alone “in the name of Jesus” and the oppression stopped. This should be considered as a possible explanation that needs to be explored further. In fact, the movie is an RFI (Request For Information), soliciting more people to come forward. The belief is that abductees are mutually reinforcing the UFO interpretation because that’s all they know. We may see a stronger case for the “spirit world” connection in the future.


Think of the implications. It would explain why Jesus cast out demons in Galilee but we see aliens today. Christians believe that Satan is the father of lies, but how many imagine that the lie could be this big? We picture Satan as our personal tempter rather than the mastermind behind mass delusion. What if the world is being secretly conditioned to worship angels? Revelation 13:8 says that some day almost everyone will worship a supernatural “beast” with supernatural powers. What if it came down in a space ship? Truth is often stranger than fiction.


This is only a theory to be tested, but a plausible one for believers. Talk about conspiracy theories!! This would be bigger than “Who shot JFK?” or “Is the government spying on us?”. This would be the biggest conspiracy in the universe.

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