But God...

Just a small part of my brother Scott's testimony.

I made this video about 5 and a half years ago after God put it in my heart to have my brother transferred from UT, where he was in a maximum security prison, to OK.

My brother was an unbeliever, well he knew he was going to hell and had accepted his fate.

Maximum security prison is where you're in your cell for 23 hours a day by yourself. There were months where he'd go without seeing the sun because they'd let him out either before the sun came out or after it had gone down. When he did go outside he was in a cage like an animal and could only pace back and forth, again all by himself, except the guard who had to watch him.

We could not send him a bible. We could only write.

When we would go visit him our visits were behind glass and he was shackled at his wrists and ankles with a chain between the two shackles. So no hugs or human contact of any kind.

This went on for almost 13 years.

But God had a plan!

We started fervently praying for him. Then the Holy Spirit told me that he was going to be moved to OK, give his life to Chist, and end up being a light in some of the darkest places.

At first I couldn't believe it. But we kept on praying.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years...

God helped us raise the $8,000 to get him transferred, God gave me favor with everyone I spoke with, and his transfer got approved (with the officer's family's approval), God placed him in a prison with an incredible chaplain who ministered to him for almost 2 years, God placed him in a medium security prison where he didn't have to be shackled and we could hug him at our visits, and play games together, God had so many people praying for him, he gave his life to Christ, he started going to church every chance he had, he started going school, he's finished over 26 Bible classes and has certificates for each, he's leading others to Christ, and now he's been asked to become an assistant minister back in Lexington, OK!

But God folks...but God!

God not only preserved his mind for the almost 13 years in isolation...He moved and saved my brother! Now the promises God gave me so many years ago have come into fruition!!!!!

Loving my brother in Prison

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