Why Do I Blog?

I first began blogging in 1980, before PCs were available or the Internet was invented. Technically speaking, it wasn't a blog. The word "blog" comes from a "web log" or journal, that is, a regular posting of Internet articles. That's sort of what I did when I went to France as a missionary, without the technology. Every month, I would write short articles of interest, type them out on an electric typewriter, typeset them by hand, reproduce them on a mimeograph machine, and distribute them in mailboxes. Technology has come a long way in 38 years, but the basic idea was the same. Let me share some reasons why I still want to write.

  1. First of all, I'm grateful for the unique opportunities that I had in my life. Not many people have completely different educations, in both science and Bible. Not many have grown up in very conservative Oklahoma and very liberal France. I've known a very stable family life and turbulent, traumatic years. And I've had many good mentors, besides my parents. The extremes of my life have taught me the wisdom of avoiding extremes, which I would like to share with others.
  2. Secondly, I believe in fairness and objectivity. Early in life, I became concerned at hearing people debate without really listening to what the other side was saying. That hasn't changed. I see a basic need of teaching people how to listen and respect the opinions of others. I consider myself a skeptical believer, because I'm careful about what I believe. Only by questioning ourselves can we arrive at beliefs that are based on reliable facts and worthy of our faith. I encourage people to think wisely and think for themselves, rather than to blindly adopt my own credo.
  3. Next, I'm a big picture guy. It's my personality and my gift. I evaluate every new idea in light of everything else I know or can look up. History is critically important to understanding what is happening in today's news, and few people have a good understanding of history. The cultural perspective of millennials, that our generation is the best thing that has ever come along and that we're about to be rescued by aliens, is not supported by history. I want to share facts that can bring the present back into perspective and hopefully still be interesting.
  4. Lastly, I want to make understanding life's big questions simple. Everyone is busy, usually by choice, so we all need help prioritizing what is really important. Now that I'm retired, I can spend my time researching complicated subjects and making them simple. That means giving you the important facts so that you can reach your own opinions. Not everyone needs to understand the mathematics of string theory and worm holes, but we do need to know enough that we're not intimidated by big words and the authority of specialists.

Therefore, I invite you to sign up for e-mail notifications. The sign-up link is below. Please use your real name for my sake. You can always unsubscribe. I want to write every day or so and be more of a benefit than a bother. Your opinions and feedback are appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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