KMI 2020

KMI 2020

Reality Therapy Workshop

Iowa Park, TX, 21 February 2020

1. Introduction

“What is real?” is a better approach that “What is true?”

  • 2 Kings 6:15-17 Faith opens our eyes to what is real.
  • James 4:14 Faith closes our eyes to what is not real.
  • John 3:2, 7, 8, 12 Believing real-world events precedes believing in the spiritual world.

How did Jesus build faith in his disciples? How do you? Romans 10:17

How do you strengthen disciples against losing their faith?

  • Eph. 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith…

Can you win a sword fight without a shield? a football game without a defensive team?

What are the flaming/fiery darts?

  • Gen. 3:1, 4 questioning God’s word
  • Matt 4:3, 6 “if you are the Son of God

What are today’s fiery darts?

  • “The Bible was written by men”
  • “God doesn’t have the right to judge”
  • “everything is relative”
  • “archaeology doesn’t support the Old Testament”

2. What is Faith?

Faith is a spiritual outlook for which we are partly responsible.

Faith is trust or confidence in desperate circumstances.

Faith is the GIFT of God. Eph. 2:8.

  • Did you ever resist believing

Faith is a WORK. John 6:29.

We work together WITH GOD to build faith. I Cor. 3:9. Be pro-active in building a shield of faith.

We can LOSE our faith. I Timothy 4:1

  • I Timothy 6:10 some wandered from the faith because of money
  • II Timothy 2:18 some erred over doctrine

START by trusting God in Little things. Luke 5:1-9: nevertheless at they word I will let down the net.

  • When was the last time you trusted God for something little?

Then trust God in ALL THINGS. Acts 10:9-16 Peter had never gone against his conscience before.

Be ready for something that has NEVER been done before.

  • Name something in your life that you think is impossible for you.

3. Faith Facts from History

History is today’s battle ground for a faith-based faith.

In the US, 87% believe in God but only 40% in creation. 55% believe in evolution.

  • we are more polarized than ever over supernatural vs. materialistic history

Charles Templeton went to Princeton and became an atheist:

“But Billy [Graham], it’s simply not possible any longer to believe, for instance, the biblical account of creation. The world was not created over a period of days a few thousand years ago; it has evolved over millions of years. It’s not a matter of speculation; it’s a demonstrable fact.”

What is going on? 2 Peter 3:5-7: they are willingly ignorant of a supernatural creation, Flood, Exodus, even the existence of the nation of Israel.

There are four stretched-out timelines that we must deal with:

  • the univers: 13.8 billion years ago
  • life: 4.28 billion years ago
  • man: 2.33 million years ago
  • civilization: 11 thousand years ago

It all began with Joseph Scaliger (1606) not Darwin. Accepting Manetho over the Bible led to belief in a pre-Adamic race and prehistoric man.

God COMMANDS us to use history to strengthen our faith.

  • Deut. 4:7,8 Has there ever been a nation like Israel and its God?
  • Deut. 4: 32 Ask or investigate all of history to validate God’s works
  • Deut. 6:6,7 Teach God’s works to your children lest we forget

4. Following God by Faith

My testimony is that I began over 50 years ago to believe that the Bible is true history and studying to support that claim. This I continued to do on the mission field in largely atheistic France.

7 years ago, I prayed for UCO.

Pat took me through Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.

3-4 years ago, I took classes in New Testament Humanities and Bronze Age Humanities.

I started this web site and blogs, especially on Old Testament history.

I retired a couple of years ago and began doing extensive reading.

Last September, I began writing on history before the time of Abraham. My goals have been

  • to catalogue all the major archaeological sites
  • to map them on Google Earth
  • to identify the path of Noah and his children
  • to resolve problems for DNA, animal & crop domestication, climate, ice ages, continental drift, languages, etc.

Daily, I listen for God to bring small truths to my mind during the night and make sure to write them down.

I believe we each have a vision and a calling. Are you looking for yours?

I’m looking for the impossible task that God wants me to do that I can’t do myself.

I would like to begin an “I Believe in Noah” movement.


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