A new Journey of Faith in 2024

Pat and I have been following the guidelines of Henry Blackaby’s book “Experiencing God” for years. Even as I write this at the library, Pat is at home leading a group of ladies through the book. In fact, it has become so popular in churches lately that Mardel’s is again sold out. What we do, according to this approach, is to look to see where God is working and join Him, rather than asking God to simply bless our own ideas and projects. So, where is God working this year?

Let me go back and give a little background for those who don’t know us. Our life stories are laid out in our first book, “Where was God in my Divorce?”, which explains the struggles of living for Christ in the midst of conflicts. We each spent our early lives in church ministry. Together, we have been able to help many people in their personal lives. In 2019, after my retirement, I began putting countless hours into researching questions about creationism, which led me to do research into Biblical archeology┬ábefore 2000 BC, since it has been sorely neglected. Addressing the experts, I wrote two technical articles for CMI’s “Journal of Creation”. The articles were not accepted, either because of the journal’s high standards or because too many opinions are still under debate. That led me to self-publish my articles on academia.com. I shared a simpler version of my research in nine months’ worth of blogs on this site, which produced little feedback. For the next year, I created videos for YouTube until I got stuck on one that caused a crisis of faith, as Blackaby would say.

My journey of faith has extended over 50 years. I liked what creationists said about the Bible being historically true, but my engineering background could not rest. I was constantly reading scientific articles to understand why mainline scientists couldn’t accept a young earth. One book I read by someone from BioLogos almost convinced me that ice cores proved that the earth was millions of years old. I wanted to follow the science, but I especially wanted science to agree with the Bible. It particularly frustrated me that so many of my Christian friends were old earth advocates. I wanted unity, not only for my own thoughts, but for churches and for our country as well. I almost gave up on that dream of unity and went ahead with the video last Fall, but it would have been a concession and a defeat. God would not allow me to proceed. I went back and studied the age of the earth over and over until God gave me peace. Can science ever determine the age of the Earth? And how certain can we be of dates?

That video is still unfinished, and it will be completely different if I ever get around to it. As a result of those struggles, I self-published a book Reflections on the Children of Noah, which I highly recommend. I can also say that I am no longer wishy-washy about how I am perceived by academics but want to be recognized as an advocate for Young Earth Creationism. That’s a huge step. There’s a lot more happening this year, but I’ll save that for another post. This is going to be an exciting year.

5 thoughts on “A new Journey of Faith in 2024

  1. We are very thankful for your diligence and success in this amazing book. May God continue to bless your efforts.

  2. Well God has led me here. I’ve been putting aside the Internet for the past week and studying the Bible and when I was at the library a few days ago I grabbed a bunch of books relating to God, the Bible etc… As I saw your email today, not having a clue what I had subscribed to but here I am and sitting next to me is the book “Experiencing God”. One of the books I had got in the free books! Geez, you just can’t make this stuff up. Sir, even if right now the academic world is not listening, God is using you in other ways. I’m off to start reading my book and start reading your blogs.

    1. Jennifer, you’re certainly on an exciting journey, and God is in control. It has been more than a year since I have written a blog, and I don’t know what inspired me to start again and to mention Experiencing God. I don’t know what prompted you to pick up the book in the library, but God does. We were moved to the point of tears and are praying for your journey of faith.

  3. Yes, the Spirit of God is strong. Please if you and your wife could pray for me. I’ve raised my grandson since birth, he is now 16 months and on May 1st will have to hand him over to my daughter. I prayed throughout the entire custody battle and when the Judge gave my daughter custody I didn’t lose faith in God. God’s will is not always our will and without God I would not be able to get through my days but I’m still not doing so well right now. Please pray for my grandson and his safety and my daughter that she will come to God. Peace be with you both.

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