How I Became an Activist

It was only a few months ago that I decided to be “all in”, that is, to be willing to identify myself as an activist for creationism. Most of my life, I have believed that God created the universe in six days but wanted to approach the subject with scientific skepticism. I didn’t want to push people away. There are good arguments for old earth and young earth, so why not just live and let live? Then everything changed last November.

Of course, I have to say that Pat objected to my using the word activist for this article. “That sounds too political”, she said. It’s true that an activist is one who campaigns for social change. I had to ask myself, “Is my goal as a Christian just to change individual lives or to influence society as well?” That led me to do some soul searching so that I could clearly define my mission in life. Consider what it might mean for you to becoming an activist.

Changed by Facts

We are all drowning in so many facts that it’s hard to be certain of anything. For years, I have listened to debates on young earth/old earth and could see that no one had the last word. The tide has turned in these last years, however, and scientific discoveries that support a young earth have become overwhelming and irrefutable. I would list them but I don’t want to digress into too much science. I will just mention one.

Radioactive dating is probably the main support for ages of millions of years. The ratios always give old ages, even though their accuracy has been questioned. Creationist have long objected that decay rates could have been higher in the past, but it has only recently been proven. Zircon crystals, having unique properties, have been taken from all levels of the geologic column. They have been carefully measured, and there’s no question as to the results. With mathematical precision, they show that the earth is 6,000 years old and that the radioactive decay rate has therefore changed over time. This is one incredible research project, called R.A.T.E. Reading the reports is beyond the abilities and patience of most people, but here is the link for the courageous few: Personally, I’m convinced, and there’s so much more.

Changing Society

I’ve always ministered under the belief that the Gospel changes lives one by one. After all, Jesus only preached the Gospel, didn’t he? Why then did the men of Nazareth try to throw Jesus off a cliff in Luke 4:16-30? It was because he identified himself as the Messiah. Why did Jews try to stone Jesus to death in John 8:58, 59? It was because he identified himself as God. Jesus only told the truth, but he did it in such a way as to provoke a reaction from those who taught and protected a network of lies in their society. Jesus purposely raised a rukus by having the courage to identify himself as disagreeing with socially accepted beliefs.

God’s reputation is at stake. Evolution denies that God created ex nihilo and makes a mockery of the Creator. If we tell people that we’re a Jesus follower, that offends no one. When I say that God created the universe in six days, that goes against the social norm. That changes society. It provokes a conflict and opens a door to preach the Gospel. After all, there can be no sin unless God created everything good. Jesus died to redeem up from sin. Jesus is both Creator and Redeemer. How I identify myself makes a difference.

What to Do

I’ve been speaking with pastors. Many of them do a great job preaching truth to their congregations. I also know teachers at our local university, UCO. Teachers often get blamed for being liberal and corrupting the minds of young students. It’s not that simple. Even good teachers have a hard time in a mostly secular environment. Pastors and teachers need to be working together to build a better educational system.

For example, Oklahoma House Bill 1425 is waiting to go to the floor. It allows churches to provide voluntary religious instruction to public school children for an hour of their day. What an ingenious idea! Churches can help take morality back into the classroom. My niece Laura has been doing this for years with In the Gap ministries. Schools have a need and churches have a solution. Let’s work together.

God has given me a burden for college students. Travis and I have been talking to students at UCO and building a small Bible study group. We also need to reach out to teachers. My first step is to begin praying for college teachers by name. I’ll be doing that during the summer, as I try to interest pastors in this need. I believe that we can change society by changing key men.

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