Stretching the Truth

The truth that I learned when I was young was that God created the world in six days, destroyed the world with a global Flood, and will return some day to judge the living and the dead. Then I learned that some people have stretched the truth, and that forced me to stop and reexamine my faith. Have critics affected your faith? Maybe you didn’t even notice. They don’t deny the truth, they just stretch it. They don’t say that God didn’t create the world but that He didn’t do it in six days. They don’t say that there wasn’t a Flood, but that it was just a regional flood that got blown out of proportion by the men who wrote the Bible. They don’t say that Jesus isn’t coming back in some way, but rather that Christians have taken the place of Israel and Christians are supposed to usher in the kingdom of God. Don’t get led astray when the truth gets stretched. It becomes a lie.

How Time Got Stretched

The notes in the back of my ESV archeological Bible say that the Early Dynastic Period began in 2700 BC in Mesopotamia and in 2900 BC in Egypt. That’s a problem because the text of the Bible itself says that all people, except for Noah and his family, died in the Flood around 2350 BC. This is the elephant in the room that most churches don’t want to discuss. Churches have been silent. Pastors admitted that they were not experts in science, so the Bible probably wasn’t either. Rather than standing up together to oppose the stretching of history, Christians stretched the Bible. The stretching of time began in the 16th century, but it was greatly helped by the Gap Theory that was printed around 1920 in the notes of the Scofield Bible. It’s hard to estimate how much these many commentaries and notes have subtly diluted the faith of good church-going folks.

My Complaint against Christian Archeologists

During the last two weeks, I have attempted to connect with two groups of Christians that disagree over the Flood and Babel. They are all good people. Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) believes in a Global Flood, but they place it around 3300 BC. They stretch the truth. They currently have a Genesis 5 & 11 Project that is publishing articles in support of the Greek Septuagint Text (LXX) of the Old Testament instead of the Hebrew Masoretic Text. This has been a hot topic for textual critics. The LXX stretches out the lifetimes of many of the patriarchs so that they didn’t have children until they were 130 years old. That’s a red flag in itself. Overall, it stretches out the time to the Flood by a thousand years. While it would be nice to have more time to work with, their insistence on stretching the timeline is digging a hole that they may never get out of. It effects the truth of Scripture (infallibility). While there are arguments for and against, here are two problems:

  1. If the LXX is the correct text, then God’s people, the Jews, to whom were committed the “oracles of God”, lost the true text for a thousand years. The true text would be one commissioned by the Greek pharaoh Ptolemy II. It was not even in Hebrew but in Greek, which was a foreign language to God’s people.
  2. If the LXX is the correct text, then the Bible being used by Christians in all the churches is wrong because the numbers in Genesis 5 and 11 are wrong. This would affect the faith of many. I personally believe that God preserved the Bible through his people through the centuries.

My Concerns about Creationists

Dr. Robert Carter of Creation Ministries International (CMI) has disagreed with ABR and defended the Masoretic Text. That’s the Bible we use. He has agreed to read my technical papers this weekend, so I’m praying that it will open a channel of communications to voice my concerns. Only one creationist organization, Is Genesis History, has identified the ancient city of Eridu as Babel. The others are silent or favor Babylon, which doesn’t work. I see the conflict as disastrous. The creationists reject the Masoretic Text and the Creationists reject Eridu as Babel. It’s a standoff, and I’m pleading for open-minded discussions. I’m also hoping to have a positive response from Dr. Carter this next week.

Your God is Too Small

“Your God is too Small”. That was the name of a book that I only heard about in college, but the title has always stayed with me. Last night, I sat on the back porch and was in awe of the lightning and thunderstorm. The power I felt was only a tiny reminder of God’s handiwork in Creation and the Flood. Science is finally vindicating the Creator. So much has come out in just the last few years, that I want to shout it from the rooftops. I can’t wait to share more, such as dinosaur tissue and mutation rates. If you want a glimpse into the treasure trove of information available, check out the 24/7 streaming service Genesis Science Network. You’ll be amazed.

Sing with me, “How Great is Our God”. That’s how I ended my evening on the back porch.

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