The Ultimate Genesis

I don't usually listen to TV or radio preacher, although Pat often does. I have to ask her the difference between Charles Stanley and John MacArthur. I have no idea. Thanks to a couple of friends who asked me to join them for Bible study, I have been listening to a series of sermons by John MacArthur, and he is spot on. I can't recommend this audio series highly enough.

MacArthur minces no words: Creation happened in six literal days, and there's no way to interpret it otherwise. He walks through each day and explains all the questions anyone could ask. That is so refreshing, since literary RE-interpretations are everywhere in churches and on the Internet. Creationists are good, but they spend more time on science than on exegesis. That's why I call this the Ultimate Genesis.  MacArthur makes exegesis the central message and embellishes it with the most updated scientific research that I've ever heard in the pulpit. I love this guy. Listen for yourself.

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