Experiencing God

Have you experienced God today?

Are you a well-grounded Christian who is actively involved in serving others? You probably don't need another job, another book, another project, or another Bible study. Too much work or too much doctrine at one time can actually lead to frustration and burnout. Well-meaning Christians often respond to the needs around them while failing to take time for a close, personal walk with God. It happens all the time. So, let me ask some personal questions:

  • Can you name something that you learned from the Bible today?
  • When was the last time you received personal direction from God?
  • Are you investing your life in mentoring or discipling a newer Christian?
  • Are you excited about what God is doing in your life right now?
  • Do you expect God to show up in some way at any moment?

"Experiencing God" is more than the book study that teaches the principles. It's a lifestyle that taps into the power of God. This way of walking with God has meant so much to us, that we want to dedicate this section to expanding on what it means to experience God in your daily life.


We have been encouraged by stories of how God has worked in lives. Most of us don't live dramatic lives. We don't have sensational stories to tell. Small successes are just as important. Pat is in the process of collecting videos that we think will be real, down-to-earth, and inspirational.