For God…

Are you questioning the existence of God?

If you are questioning the existence of God, that's a good thing. The Earth is called The Privileged Planet because it is located at a place in the Milky Way that gives us a front row seat to viewing the greatest number of stars. It appears that God is inviting us to marvel at his creation.

Humans are also midway between the smallest and largest objects in the universe, on a logarithmic scale. This is another invitation to evaluate all that exists in our search to know and understand God.

The natural world can only help answer general questions, such as

  • "Did the universe have a beginning?", or
  • "How powerful would God need to be to create the universe?", or
  • "How different would we expect God to be from us, since we cannot create the universe?"

Check out some of the short articles on this page about what is called general revelation or the book of nature.

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Did God "finely tune" the universe?

This subject is discussed everywhere today. Another way to ask it is, "Did the universe come about by chance?" While we might think that it did, mathematics says that it is not possible for the universe to have arrived at its present state by a random throw of the dice.

What are we talking about? We're looking at the most basic properties of matter, such as gravity. We take gravity of granted. No one knows what gravity is, but all particles that have mass have it. Even more astonishing is that we don't know why it's as strong as it is. Recent research has shown that the force of gravity was determined when matter first formed, and it could have been anything. It could have been one hundred times stronger, and it would have crushed us. It could have been one hundred times less and even atoms would not have formed. A couple dozen properties of matter are so finely tuned that it appears that they were purposely set by a master designer. Almost any random choice of properties would fail. It's a miracle that matter as we know it exists.

Some people don't want to admit a master designer and have proposed a concept called a multiverse. Our universe is so spectacularly unique that they speculate that there must be a lot of universes somewhere that didn't work. How else can you explain the improbability of a universe that does work? It's a miracle!

Jump up. You come back down. If gravity were two times as strong, or 2G, you couldn't run as far. If it were half what it is, you couldn't get much traction. Praise the master designer for making gravity exactly what it is. See, you really do believe in God.

Does God define the meaning of good?

Is God the source of all life?

Did God create matter suddenly?