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We're all in the Same Sinking Ship

Is it realistic to be hopeful about our personal lives and the fate of the human race? Here are some facts to help us face reality.

Indications of Higher Purpose

The Complexity of Life

- we shouldn't even be here -

While much of the universe seems to be the result of random processes, life systems contain a great deal of structured information. Is it possible that such complex organisms as cells could be formed from unintelligent matter? more

Human Consciousness

I think, therefore I amaze myself

Human Consciousness defies explanation. Our creativity extends to inventions, fine arts, and morality. Our intelligence is even able to create artificial intelligence.

Communication from Beyond

A Nation with a Purpose

children of a man named Israel

If God exists, it would be reasonable for him to communicate with the people he created in a way that would be obvious to the entire world. What we find in the oldest existing nation is a history of purpose, high values, prophets, and miracles.

One Really Good Man

What would human perfection look like?

If a God does exist who represents absolute goodness, then absolute goodness should exist somewhere in the physical universe. Has anyone besides Jesus ever built a credible case for having lived a perfect life?

Credibility Checks

The Ultimate Conspiracy

a plan that crosses millennia

Prophesy is not just foretelling the future, but many time-sensitive events that demonstrate a master plan outside of chronological events.

The Immaterial Dimension

a spirit world with a mission

Miracles are not just supernatural signs but rather evidence of a portal that opens to a universe of beings beyond our physical dimension.