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Learn about a new apologetics group in Edmond

The Ultimate Apology

Welcome to The Think Tank, where Christians can encourage each other and discuss ways to lead people to the Ultimate Apology, which means to recognize and admit how much our independent, know-it-all pre-disposition has offended God, and to make Jesus the Lord of our life.

This website is a work in progress, and it's just our contribution to many existing resources. A "Great Mission" requires teamwork. Your presence is requested. Please read the associated posts and contribute as you are led and able.

On the local level, we would like to meet in Edmond, Oklahoma, and will be providing more information here about places and times.

Apologetics is not apologizing for God but rather gently leading people to apologize TO God for what amounts to insulting God and to recognize him as the highest authority.

Why start an apologetics group in Edmond?

  1. Ravi Zacharias came to OCU; Lee Strobel and Abdu Murray have spoken at HHBC. In between the big events, little has happened. Some people have felt that it's important to continue regular meetings in between these public events.
  2. A Reasonable Faith study has been meeting in Oklahoma City for about a year and has been operating as a Meet-Up for a few months. Tara H. and Jerry B. have been interested in having a similar group in Edmond.
  3. HHBC has offered a class on Apologetics for some time, taught by Rob G., and Terry K. has been involved with a Community Group that focuses on apologetics. Since there is a real interest in apologetics by many people, it would be beneficial to offer an opportunity for us to connect and help each other.

== Would you be interested in receiving news about our meetings? Let us know at the link below.

Learn about the Edmond Apologetics Group

Join us

Learn about a new apologetics group in Edmond